Truth or Drink


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Experience the ultimate adult party game: Truth or Drink! Discover just how bold you and your friends are by tackling our hilarious, dirty, and challenging questions.

How to play Truth or Drink online: Step-by-step guide

The rules are simple: Spill the truth or take a sip! Open up our free web app and pick a starting mode. Whether it's "Normal," "Party," "Spicy," or "Dares" – there's a category for everyone!

Select the first player either by employing a random method, like spinning a bottle or flipping a coin, or by choosing the bravest soul among you.

The first player reveals a question by tapping your chosen drinking game category. That player either answers honestly or drinks up to avoid answering – it's that simple!

After the first player has answered, the next one steps up and taps the screen or uses the arrow keys to reveal a new question. If you're playing on mobile, you can also swipe right or left to reveal the next/previous question.

Continue until everyone has had their turn. Customize question appearances by tapping the 'online' button. Play until you've had your fill of laughter and perhaps a few drinks too many!

Tips for an unforgettable Truth or Drink game

As with any drinking game, the key to a great time is in the details! Elevate the experience with these game-enhancing tips:

1. Be creative with the questions and dares.

Feel free to use our silly, outrageous, or even dirty questions in the party game. The more unexpected, the better!

2. Respect boundaries.

If a player chooses not to answer a question or take on a challenge, respect their decision. The Truth or Drink drinking game is about having fun, so make sure everyone feels comfortable.

3. Drink responsibly.

While alcohol may be involved, it's crucial to drink responsibly. Ensure everyone stays safe, with a designated driver if needed.

Download Truth or Drink today!

Ready for a night of fun with friends? Download Truth or Drink now, and get ready to laugh and create unforgettable memories!

Available on both the App Store and Google Play, this drinking game is perfect for any gathering.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your drinks, gather your friends, and gear up for a game of Truth or Drink!

Now that you know how to play Truth or Drink online, there's no excuse not to have a blast with your friends! Gather your group, pour some drinks, and let the fun begin today!